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Binal Technologies is a Nigerian Information Technologies company established in 2018, with offices in London and Nigeria (Lagos). We are experts in developing seamless and business-oriented solutions. We advance the needs and goals of our customers into reliable software where utility, ease of use and efficiency are key factors and where state-of-the-art technical solutions minimize both future operational costs and risks.

Over the years, we have grown from two developers to a corporation, and each step of our journey has taught us valuable lessons. That path is what has made us who we are today. And we’ve certainly learned a lot from our own mistakes made along the way. Each misstep has matured us from the small, local team we were some years ago.

We tried offering minimal pricing, but quickly understood that low costs led to low quality. We tried bending over backwards to meet every one of our clients’ wishes, but we realized that our time (and our clients’) was better spent in dialogue to identify and work on their real needs. And we tried dressing up our ideas with magnificent visuals that caught the eye, but fail to transform that into real profits.

All said and done, we possess our own values, which might seem unusual to some. We spend the lion’s share of our time in discussions, prototyping and architecture development. We are constantly testing’s and improving. That is our secret to making our projects successful and our clients happy. We like to work when we know we are doing something useful, something with purpose.


We make great efforts to fully understand our customers and their businesses, allowing us to propose the best solution — one that works. Our aim is not to maximize a budget but to offer you all the bells and whistles only if we know they are vital and valuable to you and your business. It’s not a question of ethics, but one of common sense. You want to pay for what you need and we want to give that to you, so we are always straightforward with you and look for a win-win solution.


Our aim is to help you to achieve value through bespoke software and apps, whether that means pushing you to the front of your industry, earning you greater profits as a market leader or assisting you to realize long-standing projects and plans.

Bespoke System

Creating tailor-made software is our developers' specialty. After deep investigation of existing systems, defining and prioritizing your requirements, we design bespoke software and programs to meet your business needs and goals.

Your Success Is Our Priority

  • Distinctive experts that provide effortless expertise
  • Enriched outcomes enabled by experienced professionals
  • Wide-Ranging thoughts bread exceptional ideas
  • Generating best results through open communication
  • Extensive marketing research generates valuable insights
  • We are results-driven, oriented, we deliver results

“In the time I've enjoyed an outstanding relationship with Binal Technologies. With the help of Edu-Slick Application our school management is accessible anywhere in the world, from their customer service to their Technical support this firm has kept me completely satisfied.”
Thank you Binal Tech!

Mrs. Ayo-Salami

- Bursar WSC

“Binal Technologies is always responsive to any question I have, they keep me inform and they understand who we are and what we are trying to do. I firmly believe that. Any time I make contact with them, they let me know they’ve received it and will let me know what the next stepis.”
Kudos to Binal Tech!

Mr. Akinjoel Joel

- IT Director Wisdom Spring

As the Director of Wisdom spring college I really appreciate Binal Technologies for mind trust, at first I never believe this couldwork out, but glory be to God we now have complete system.”
Unbelievable Binal Tech!

Mrs. Funmi Adenodi

- Proprietress Wisdom Spring Schools

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